Flexible approaches to community insights for powerful action.

We are a community of consultants who have made the most of our own personal experience and professional expertise. Together we strive for a society without disadvantage, marginalisation, or ignorance.

We collaborate with people involved in criminal justice, homelessness, substance misuse, mental health, domestic abuse, sex work, unemployment, youth violence, and other social issues.   

We support these people and the communities they live and work in through the design and implementation of activities which help to understand and address the challenges they face. 

Our Work

Insight Strategies

To make the most of people's experiences, we propose flexible solutions for gathering community insights, and advise on applying this knowledge to bring about change.

Operational Assistance

To effectively gather and use insight, we offer support in planning, piloting, and establishing participatory activities within communities.

Needs Assessments

To ensure all the needs of a community are met, we help to understand what support is available and availed, and what should be put in place to bridge the gaps.

Results Frameworks

To understand the impact of community services, we assist with the design of monitoring processes and performance indicators for decision making and results based management.

Evaluation Studies

To improve services and support provision in communities, we contribute to the identification of successes and difficulties, making recommendations based on lessons learnt.


Community and context specific activities to address needs and redress issues.


Voluntary participation for anyone and everyone that is part of a community.


Community insight and shared understanding lead to positive changes for all.